Next Go-C.A. evening: Postponed for fall 2021
Registration deadline for arts organizations: To be confirmed
Registration deadline for candidates: To be confirmed


Go-C.A. is a program that pairs professional arts organizations in Montréal with candidates interested in joining a Board of Directors. One of the program’s objectives is to help arts organizations diversify their Boards by recruiting at least two new directors with complementary skill sets.




To participate in GO-C.A., an arts organization must:

  • Be eligible for the Conseil des arts de Montréal’s General Funding Program;
  • Not have previously participated in the Go-C.A. program;
  • Have at least two vacant seats on its Board of Directors.

To register, your organization must have the following:

  • Completed registration form (N/A)
  • A resolution passed by the Board authorizing the organization’s participation;
  • An evaluation table of the Board’s current composition;
  • The names of two contacts (one member of the Board and one member of staff).


To participate in the Go-C.A. program, at least one member of your organization’s Board and one staff member must attend two evening meetings:

  • Preparatory meeting: The selected arts organizations practice their presentations before the others and discuss governance and the conduct of the upcoming pairing meeting.
  • Pairing meeting: The arts organizations meet the candidates. After the match-ups period, all participants express their pairing preferences. Two people will then be paired with your organization, based on the wishes of both parties.

Registration deadline for arts organizations: To be confirmed


Other useful ressources (in french only):



Go-C.A. is a program that gives professionals an opportunity to join the Board of Directors of a Montréal arts organization. If you are a business and you want to encourage your people to volunteer, the Conseil des arts de Montréal will be pleased to come meet with you to discuss when and how they could attend a pairing evening.



Conditions for participation:

  • Be available for a preparatory meeting and for the Go-C.A. pairing evening;
  • Match the needs listed by the arts organizations that will be in attendance;
  • Be prepared to serve at least a 2-year term as a director and attend at least 4 meetings per year;
  • Be prepared to be involved with the paired arts organization remotely, by videoconference or phone.


To participate in the Go-C.A. program, you must attend two evening meetings. Pairing is conditional on your presence at these meetings:

  • Preparatory meeting
  • Pairing meeting

Registration deadline for candidates: To be confirmed



Talar Agopian
Project Manager - arts and philanthropy
514 280-3857


Brief history of GO-C.A.
In January 2011, three mentors (Jacques Dostie of Ernst & Young, Éric Gosselin of McCarthy Tétrault, and Guy Berthiaume of Scotiabank) recruited young professionals from their companies to join the Boards of arts organizations. The initiative was launched based on the simple realization by Jacques Dostie and Ginette Noiseux, Executive Director of the Espace GO theatre, that emerging arts organizations needed to diversify the composition of their Boards by including young professionals wishing to develop their leadership skills, expand their networks and deepen their civic engagement.