November 29 2018

New Evaluation Committee members

The members of the Conseil's evaluation committees play a crucial role in the Conseil's governance. As active participants in the artistic community, they are well positioned to recommend actions and programs for our organization during their 3-year mandate. The Conseil is proud to be able to count on the expertise of the following new members:

Véronica Mélis and Andréanne Leclerc in circus and street arts; Alice Jarry and Daniel Iregui in digital arts; Cécilia Bracmort, Ji-Yoon Han and Marie-Justine Snider in visual arts; Eric Idriss-Kanago, Félix Dufour-Laperrière and Myriam Magassouba in film and video; Claire Molinot, and Andrew Tay in dance; Joujou Turenne and Kamal Benkirane in literature; Suzanne De Serres, Alexandre Éthier and Steve Pageot in music; Nadine Saint-Louis and Danielle Thibault and in new artistic and multidisciplinary practices; Julien Sylvestre, Marie-Ève Milot, Marilou Craft in theatre. Welcome!

The mandates of Guillaume Ittukssarjuat Saladin (circus and street arts), Pascale Daigle (digital arts), Frédéric Loury (visual arts), Carmen Garcia et Damien Detcheberry (film and video); Karla Étienne (dance); Yvon Lachance (literature) et Philippe Lambert (theatre) are renewed for one year.

We warmly thank the members of the Evaluation Committees who completed their term and who contributed greatly to the Conseil’s thinking: Myriam Achard, Pierre Allard, Quincy Armorer, Eunice Bélidor, Fannie Bellefeuille, Bachir Bensaddek, Martin Bilodeau, Marc Choko, Sébastien David, Nicolas Dickner, Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, Justine G. Chapleau, Geneviève L. Blais, Pierre Labbé, Alexandra Landé, Carole Tremblay, Mirko Trierenberg and Anna Ward.