November 28 2018

La Machinerie des arts launches its new toolkit

Providing tools, sharing know-how, promoting development: Now available from La Machinerie des arts are more than 100 strategic and practical tools designed to facilitate the management of artistic projects and cultural organizations!

La Machinerie’s Caisse à outils provides a variety of professional tools designed to facilitate the planning, organization and management of artistic projects and/or arts organizations. The tools include templates, guides and methods that are readily applicable in work situations.

The toolkit project involved many different contributors, including six creative cultural partners, 14 tool designers, and five financial partners. The goal in making these tools freely available is to ensure open access to know-how and advance professional development.

Tool designers: Rachel Billet, Adrien Bussy, Hélène Couture, Morgane de Bellefeuille, Catherine Desjardins-Jolin, Caroline Ferland, Josée Guérette, George Krump, Jod-Léveillé-Bernard, Sarah Pinelle, Hanneke Ronken, Lydie Revez, François Richer and Ingrid Vallus.

How can I access the tools?

The tools are available free of charge to all members of La Machinerie des arts.

To view the catalogue and download tools, go to La Machinerie’s toolkit page (French only)