June 13 2018

Visit the exhibition La Mémoire et l’Oubli from the art photographer Adriana Garcia-Cruz

From June 7th to July 31st at the Maison du Conseil des arts de Montréal

La mémoire et l’oubli, which received a 2017 Vivacité grant from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (in collaboration with the Conseil des arts de Montréal) is a collection of 30 photographs of objects preciously preserved by immigrants of diverse origins.

The objects bear witness to a past that has already been lost, at once representing a link with the owner’s roots and symbolising the transition to a new phase of their life in the host country. Throught the voyage, the object comes to take on a history that is both singular and collective, one that takes root in a new place. The history of different countries becomes intertwined with that of Canada, leaving the mark of human migration. The photographs were taken in natural light with a narrow depth of field that highlights the hazy and fragmented nature of memory.

Adriana Garcia-Cruz Photo : Alex Paillon 

Adriana Garcia-Cruz is an art photographer of colombian origin who came to Canada 12 years ago and has lived in Montreal for seven years. After studying graphic design and photography, she developed her own style by making individuals the primary subjectof her still-life photograpic techniques. For Garcia-Cruz, objects represent a meansof exploring human being and their relationships with each other. The artist is interested in personal dilemmas and individual memories, the raw materials of a complex social construct. Her work touches on the themes of belonging, identity in a transnational world, and migration. Her art has been published and displayed in several magazines and public spaces in Colombia and Canada.