Evaluation Committees

To carry out its mission, the Conseil relies on the skills and experience of seasoned evaluators, artists, or cultural workers in each of the disciplines it supports. Our evaluation committee members are trailblazers who take the pulse of their field to identify emerging trends and issues. 

Evaluation committees assess applications submitted to the Conseil’s various grant programs. Committee members are also asked to provide input on multidisciplinary matters related to their expertise. And they are responsible for selecting the finalists for the Grand Prix du Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Each committee is chaired by a member of the Conseil and is made up of three to nine artists or arts professionals selected by the Conseil. The term is three years, and committee members must adhere to the code of ethics governing the evaluation process. 

Would you like to sit on an evaluation committee? Submit your candidacy.

Circus arts and street performance evaluation committee 
Nadia Drouin, chairwoman
Nicolas Boivin-Gravel
Geneviève Dupéré
Catherine Girard Lantagne
Andréanne Leclerc
Véronica Mélis

Digital arts evaluation committee 
Hughes Sweeney, chairman
Pascale Daigle
Alice Jarry
Daniel Iregui
Erandy Vergara Vargas
Thien Vu Dang

Visual arts evaluation committee
Sylvie François, chairwoman
David Blatherwick
Cécilia Bracmort
Ji-Yoon Han
Moridja Kitenge Banza
Frédéric Loury
Marie-Justine Snider

Film/video evaluation committee
Nadine Gomez, chairwoman
Damien Detcheberry
Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Carmen Garcia
Eric Idriss-Kanago
Myriam Magassouba
Caroline Monnet

Dance evaluation committee 
Karla Étienne, chairwoman
Simon Ampleman
Pierre Chartrand
Sophie Michaud
Claire Molinot
Andrew Tay
George-Nicolas Tremblay

Literature evaluation committee
Katia Grubisic, chairwoman
Kamal Benkirane
Yara El-Ghadban
Yvon Lachance
Céline Jantet
Joujou Turenne

Music evaluation committee
Jennifer Bourdages, chairwoman
Carine Agboton
Henda Ben Salah
Suzanne De Serres
Alexandre Éthier
Thomas G. Leslie
Steve Pageot
Mario Paquet
Ida Toninato
Kees Van Draanen

New artistic practices/multidisciplinary sector evaluation committee
Marie-Christine Dufour, chairwoman
Amy Elizabeth Blackmore
Steeve Dumais
Kakim Goh
Miriam Ginestier
Mellissa Larivière
Nadine Saint-Louis
Danielle Thibault

Theatre evaluation committee
Philippe Lambert, chairman
Marilou Craft
Marie-Ève Milot
Jean-François Guilbault
Alisa Palmer
Julien Silvestre