The musts according to Michel de la Chenelière
Michel de la Chenelière

CAM Board of Directors

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Battat Contemporary

7245, rue Alexandra – suite 100

Having long worked in the offices of Éditions de la Chenelière, located in Little Italy, I know this neighbourhood like the back of my hand, and go back there very regularly. This in turn often leads me to the gallery of Joe Battat, this businessman, collector and patron of the arts, who opened his gallery in 2008 to promote contemporary artists from Quebec and elsewhere. I love wandering around this vast space, where I always end up discovering something. Since I cannot resist the pleasure of going for a good coffee at the Caffé Italia or the temptations of the Milano grocery store, on St Laurent Blvd,  everything will conspire to take me back to the gallery beginning on January 16, to be introduced to the sculptures of Jan Aicken and the paintings of Coleen Heslin, two up-and-coming artists, whom the gallery director, Daisy Desrosiers, has found with her excellent flair for discovering promising artists.

Grier Edmundson, exhibition Le Texte est pluriel, January 17 to February 23, 2013 - photo : Éliane Excoffier

Nouveau Théâtre Expérimental (NTE)

À L’Espace Libre, 1945 rue Fullum

A real institution in the theatre world, which is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the NTE has never stopped surprising us – or seducing me – since its creation in 1974 by Jean-Pierre Ronfard, Robert Gravel and Pol Pelletier, with all its daring and creativity that go beyond the usual boundaries. The history of the NTE almost reads like a novel, with its many characters and stories. Since 2004, Daniel Brière and Alexis Martin have presided over its fates, always in the same spirit of theatre experimentation, humour and relaxation. Though the 2013 NTE season is over, this spring we must keep an eye out for the full version of the trilogy L’histoire révélée du Canada français. In the meantime, of course, we can take in the regular programming at Espace Libre.

And, since I enjoy theatre so much, I often go for a pleasant meal at the Petit Extra, which is just nearby, to discuss with friends the play we have just attended.

"Les chemins qui marchent" (2013), 2nd part of the trilogy "L'Histoire révélée du Canada français, 1608-1998". Photo: Gilbert Duclos.

Exhibition: La Pastèque at the Museum

From October 6 to March 30, 2014

1380, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

La Pastèque, the well known publishing house, whose remarkable work since the time it was created is worthy of our attention, is celebrating its 15th anniversary in a particularly original way. Fifteen cartoonists who have been part of the success of La pastèque have each chosen a work in the collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, from among its paintings and objects alike, and used it as inspiration for creating a panel. The panels and works are now on display at the Museum, side by side, along with videos and interviews telling us more about the creative process. Some surprising associations have been made, often full of humour, to the great pleasure of the visitors, who are obviously surprised and amused. And then, there is also something in this nice project that brings out a bit of the iconoclast in me – which I must say I enjoy.

imspired by Alex Colville, Cycliste et corneille

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